All ALMA Babycare products are made with love and care from the highest quality and best natural oils and raw materials. Only in their complete formulation do they achieve their caring, protective and nourishing effects. The mild active ingredients and care agents in our formulations are also well-loved by grown-ups, especially those with highly sensitive skin. The skin compatibility of our products has been dermatologically tested and confirmed.



Together with partners from around the world, we have sought out only the best ingredients that are suitable for babies delicate skin. Our essential oils are added in 0.2% concentration to create the unrivalled and soothing scent of ALMA.



If you split the stone of an apricot, you will discover an almond. You can eat it, it tastes bitter-sweet - but apricot kernel oil is also extracted from it. We use this particularly mild oil as a base oil, as it is also very well tolerated by sensitive skin and is easily absorbed. It provides baby's skin with plenty of moisture, regulates the water balance and supports the development of the natural barrier function. Thanks to its very delicate scent, it blends wonderfully with your body scent - this is important for your baby and for bonding because your scent is not masked.



The oil, which is extracted from the large fruit, is a true all-rounder. Rich in vitamins A, D and E as well as unsaturated fatty acids, it penetrates deep into the skin, intensively nourishing and moisturising it. At the same time, it has a protective effect, supports the skin's natural barrier function and leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth.


ALMA Babyöl | Organische Babypflegelinie


Calendula officinalis is the Latin name for the bright orange marigold, which has been used since the Middle Ages to care for and maintain healthy skin. Calendula produces its precious active ingredients with the help of sunlight - because if you look over a field full of marigolds, you will notice that the plant always turns its flowers towards the sun. The high-quality extracts obtained from the petals have a protective effect, promote the development of healthy, resilient skin, prevent skin irritation and are highly valued for their anti-inflammatory effect on wound healing.


ALMA Babycare | Natürliche Babypflegelinie

The "busy bees" excrete wax to build their honeycombs. The beekeeper extracts the pure beeswax by centrifuging and melting the honeycomb. You can recognise natural beeswax by its rich yellow colour, which is due to the flavonoids from propolis and carotenoids from flower pollen. Beeswax is a completely natural product and is valued in skin care for its protective and moisturising properties. Because you are sweet like honey, baby.


ALMA Babycare | Natürliche Babypflegelinie


The Beatles sang about "tangerine dreams", in England they say: "Tangerine makes children happy" and the French like to refer to mandarin oil as a "children's remedy". Naturally pure mandarin essential oil is obtained by cold-pressing the bright orange fruit. The scent of mandarin is intensely sweet, warm, soft and seductively gentle. It has a relaxing, calming effect and is also a "happiness maker". The scent of mandarin gives children - but also us adults - a feeling of security and reassurance.  100% pure natural essential oil.


ALMA Babycare | Natürliche Pflegelinie


The benzoin tree can grow up to 20 metres high. Pure, natural benzoin essential oil is obtained by extracting the resin that exudes from its bark. It is even used in medicinal skin care products due to its skin-caring, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. The scent of benzoin is very sweet and balsamic, reminiscent of vanilla and chocolate - and of one's own childhood. It envelops you like an aromatic, soft cosy blanket and gives you a feeling of security and safety.  100% pure natural essential oil.


ALMA Babycare | Natürliche Babypflegelinie


We all know the rose geranium - also known as pelargonium - as a popular balcony plant. Valuable essential oil can be extracted from its lush green leaves. Between 300 and 500kg of plant material is needed to obtain 1kg of essential oil. The flowery, delicately rosy-sweet fragrance caresses our soul and opens our eyes to "rosy times". It is not for nothing that rose geranium is considered a mediator, harmonising and communication-enhancing. The oil is very mild, nourishes the skin and also has wound-healing properties. 100% pure natural essential oil.


ALMA Babycare | Natürliche Babypflegelinie


The Atlas cedar is this huge, strong tree that can grow up to 30 metres high and live for up to 2000 years! It is believed that oil from cedar wood was the first oil to be produced from plants. In addition to body care, Egyptians are said to have once impregnated their papyrus scrolls with it to make them last longer. Atlas cedar provides strength, courage and stability, giving us incredible support and roots - which is particularly good for you and your baby during this turbulent time when you are getting to know each other. The oil, with its sweet, warm, nutty aroma, also has a skin-stabilising, wound-healing and anti-histamine effect. 100% pure natural essential oil.