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Scented Candle Classic



The hand-poured scented candle creates a calming ambience before bedtime. Thanks to the delicately scented essential oils of rose geranium, mandarin, benzoin and Atlas cedar oil, our candle invites the whole family to relax.

Filling quantity: 200 G / 7.1 OZ

Hand made: Our candles are hand made in Austria 

Additional information: Natural scented candle

Key Fact: Calming signature Alma Scent

Includes: Recyclable glass jar and outer packaging.

Description: Alma's scented candle is poured by hand and creates a languorous feeling. The incomparable blend of fragrances and finest ingredients brings back memories and provides moments of deep relaxation. Our scented candle is made of purely plant-based wax and pure essential oils. These essential oils from rose geranium, mandarin, benzoin, and atlas cedar create the typical ALMA scent – light and natural.

Use: Before lighting the candle for the first time trim the wick to approximately 5mm, also do so regularly thereafter. Let the candle burn until its entire surface is liquid. The ideal burning time is 1–2 hours, at first burn 2–3 hours. Protect candle from air draft.

Key Ingredients: plant wax, linalool, citronellol, geraniol, limonene

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